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zydex ua

International pharmaceutical
company – distributor of medical products


About the Company

The mission of Zydex UA is to provide access to necessary high-quality medicines to Ukrainian patients and healthcare professionals. The company imports high-quality pharmaceutical products and participates in ProZorro tenders


Create a corporate website for Zydex (Slough, UK), the company of the European international enterprise. To familiarize the user with the company and its products in an easy and accessible form.

Представление zydex


We developed a custom website, moving away from the stereotypical medical theme. We reinterpreted and applied the company’s corporate colors red and white, and created a logo.

To make the corporate medical website easy and modern – we used abstraction.

Контент zydex


The main task is to provide an individual and convenient tool for a medical pharmaceutical company. Instead of one-fits-all product cards, we created a unique link for each medicinal product with an opportunity to read the instructions and purchase the product at once. On the website we have implemented a form for sending resumes for current vacancies of the company.

Фотография вакансии zydex
Фотография формы связи zydex


The design is completely adaptive.
Smartphone and tablet users will find everything they are looking for.

Фотография адаптива сайта под мак
Фотография адаптива сайта под планшетыФотография рамки планшета
Фотография адаптива сайта под смартфоныФотография рамки смартфона
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