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Online store of goods for sushi



Development of an online store of sushi products from scratch.
We received a request from the Client: to develop a non-template design for an online store.

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For the online store of at-home sushi products, we used lively and juicy photos of the product. This way the Client will be sure of its order. Each product card has a detailed description and ways of using this product in different recipes.

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It is also possible for the Client to compare products from the same category immediately on the website and add them to the shopping cart. This has helped to increase customer loyalty and sales by 5%.

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To promote the online store and increase the average check on the website we have implemented a “Recipes” block.

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Each recipe details the ingredients and how to prepare the dish, which is easy even to beginners. Immediately on the Recipes page you can add the necessary ingredients to the shopping cart and place your order.

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For the online store, the Jupiter Production team implemented the ability to track orders, compare products on the website and select products from the same category to increase the average check.

For the visitor to become a regular Client of the online store the website presents recipes, discounts and ready-made kits for making sushi. Ordering is done in three clicks!

Фотография вакансии sushi

Corporate Style

Jupiter Production team has developed personal identity for SushiDoma online store. We analyzed competitors, target audience; we fully immersed into the Project and suggested several solutions for the logo of the online store. After the implementation of the logo we designed business cards in the corporate colors of the online store.

Картинка большого логотипа
Картинка маленького логотипа
Картинка фирменных визиток
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