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Online lingerie store



To create a full-fledged online store with a product catalog. To provide a turnkey business solution.

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A website – is the calling card of your business. Jupiter Production develops custom websites for businesses that immediately sell your product.

We started the creation and promotion of the online lingerie store with a detailed marketing analysis of competitors and the target audience of the store.

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To fill the online store, we have chosen beautiful studio photos, which favorably represent products. The content in the catalog is combined by color and is a continuation of the main design.

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We have implemented the possibility of choosing the brand of lingerie and sorting products by color and category. The product card presents several photos of underwear on the model from different angles, so the buyer can get acquainted with the product in detail. In the online store you can immediately make a quick order of the product, just giving the phone number, and the manager will clarify the details over the phone.

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